The FlyLusive 7000mAh Battery for DJI Air 2 (2S)

Are you a drone enthusiast seeking longer flight times? Look no further! FlyLusive has introduced a game-changing accessory for your DJI Air 2S - a high-capacity 7000mAh battery!

Extended Flight Time for Ambitious Missions:
The heart of this product is its impressive 7000mAh capacity, which translates to an astounding flight time of up to 50 minutes, averaging 49 minutes under typical conditions. This extended flight duration is ideal for long-range missions, be it professional cinematography, landscape photography, or just exploring new heights and distances.

Rigorous Testing for Unmatched Reliability:
FlyLusive isn't just about promises; we deliver reliability. This battery has undergone rigorous testing through more than 100 flights across the globe. Such extensive testing ensures that the battery not only offers extended flight time but also maintains the highest standards of flight safety and performance consistency.

A Smart Investment for Drone Enthusiasts:
Priced at 222,20€ with VAT, this battery is a smart investment for both professional and hobbyist drone users. The enhanced flight time significantly increases the potential for creative and exploratory endeavors.

DJI Air 2S 7000 mAh Battery

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