Mastering Your New Mini 3 Pro: Pairing and NFZ & Altitude Removal Guide

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Mini 3 Pro NFZ & Altitude Hack


A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to using your newly purchased Mini 3 Pro Drone with NFZ (No Fly Zone) and altitude restrictions removed.

In order to utilize the unlocking of geo zones and altitude limit features on your drone, it is essential to have purchased the drone or unlocking from Flylusive. FlyLusive is a reputable brand that offers advanced drones with various functionalities.

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Stepping into the world of drone flying with your shiny new Mini 3 Pro? This is an exciting time indeed! But you may have heard about the NFZ (No Fly Zone) and altitude restrictions that can limit your drone's capabilities. Fear not, because this guide will walk you through the process of removing these restrictions, enabling you to maximize your Mini 3 Pro's potential.

Preparing RC

1) Start the drone and wait for it to initialize. The ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) will chime when initialization is done. This process ensures that all systems are ready.

2) Connect your RC-N1 to your phone. If you have an RC with a screen, then just start it. Wait for it to finish initializing and select Mini 3 Pro. You may encounter a "Firmware mismatch" message. If you do, simply press "Continue" and your device will automatically update itself.

3) Once the update is complete, press the CAMERA VIEW option. This allows you to navigate the drone's camera and adjust its settings.

Pairing Your Drone

4) Navigate to Settings, then Control, and finally, Connect Aircraft. This initiates the pairing process between your control device and your drone.

5) On your drone, hold the power button for 5 seconds and release it after it chimes. This puts your drone in pairing mode.

6) Once successful pairing is achieved, a message will appear on your screen confirming this.

Unlocking NFZ & Altitude Limit

7) Go back to the app's main screen, where you will see an image of the Mini 3 Pro. Press the Profile button.

8) Next, press Unlock Geo Zones. This allows your drone to fly in areas that were previously restricted due to regulations.

9) Press Aircraft Unlocking License. This is a crucial step in removing the altitude limit on your drone.

10) Lastly, ensure that you have the license enabled to activate the #Mini3ProNfzHack and #Mini3ProAltitudeHack. This will ensure that your Mini 3 Pro can now fly without any geographical or altitude restrictions.

You can always view an online video tutorial here:

Video on connecting & removing Mini 3 Pro NFZ and Altitude Limits

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