Mavic 3 NFZ & Altitude Removal by Drone-Hacks

In an exciting development for drone enthusiasts, our valued partner, Drone-Hacks, has today unveiled a solution for Mavic 3.

With their latest release, Drone-Hacks hack client offers the ability to remove No-Fly Zones (NFZ) and altitude restrictions on Mavic 3 drone.

To get the NFZ & Altitude Removal, navigate to Drone-Hacks website and use a 10% discount on the license purchase, Users can enter the code FLYLUSIVE10 at checkout to enjoy this exclusive offer.

The highlight of this firmware release is the full NFZ and altitude unlock. Users can now fly their Mavic 3 without any restrictions imposed by DJI.

What's remarkable is that this freedom doesn't require a separate NFZ unlock certificate, making the process more straightforward for drone enthusiasts.

Remember, that the certificate nowadays can only be issued through DJI servers, which made hacking no longer possible.

The altitude limit has been pushed to an impressive 10 km, well beyond the actual range the drone can reach.

For those who choose to exit the ATTI mode during flight, Drone-Hacks recommends reducing the altitude to less than 10m to allow the sonar sensors to regain visibility of the ground, ensuring that auto landing functions smoothly.

Drone-Hacks continues to showcase their expertise and commitment to providing drone enthusiasts with the release of Mavic 3 NFZ & Altitude Removal.

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