Mini 4 Pro 120m Altitude Limit Removal: FlyLusive's Game-Changing Hack

Mini 4 Pro 120m Altitude Limit Removal: FlyLusive's Game-Changing Hack

Are you tired of limitations holding back your Mini 4 Pro drone's potential? DJI's 120-meter altitude limit restriction can be frustrating. But here at FlyLusive, we have some exciting news - FlyLusive is working on a solution!

Unlock the Skies with FlyLusive

FlyLusive has a track record of successfully removing limitations on drones, and we're taking our expertise to new heights with the Mini 4 Pro. Our Mini 4 Pro 120m Altitude Limit Hack is almost here, promising to unleash the full potential of your drone.

We have already succeeded on DJI Avata, DJI Mini 3 Pro NFZ and Altitude (500m) limit removal.

Why the 120-Meter Limit?

DJI classifies the Mini 4 Pro as a C0 device, subjecting it to certain restrictions. The 120-meter altitude limit is one such constraint. While safety is paramount, experienced drone pilots often find these limits restricting their creativity and exploration.

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